Beeswax Tapers

Table of Contents

Cleaning Stubs

Photo below:
– bottom left is a bag of uncleaned stubs
– top middle is a pan of cleaned stubs
– bottom right is what happens when you skip this step

Cut off the blackened tip of the wick.

Scrape off char from the bottom of the stub.

Video below does not want to show in Safari, try Firefox:

The Bloom

What is that white powder?
Bloom is a naturally occurring, powdery substance that resembles fine dust. It appears on the surface of beeswax candles. Bloom is an indication of high-quality beeswax and does not affect the burning of the candle. Bloom occurs when the low-melting components of the beeswax [tannins] move to the surface of the candle. It is usually associated with older candles or candles stored in cold conditions.  To create bloom store candles in freezer one or two days.